Finished one year long international dog trainers course

For the past year I have been attending dog trainers course under Lisbeth Borg de Waard watchful eye and received a diploma at the end of it.

I passed many interesting subjects along the way:

  • Dog behaviour: the dog’s silent language, body language, communication, dog development and ethology, history, puppies, adolescent, mature dogs, social developments, critical periods, hormonal influences, breed characteristics, problem solving, stress, fears, aggression, health and nutrition.
  • Dog learning behaviour: positive training methods, desensitization, motivation, comparisons of dog learning to human learning, classical and operant conditioning, positive reinforcement.
  • Practical training: problem solving, observation, positive training methods teaching basic obedience and more challenging tasks like desensitization for stressed dogs and dog-to-dog aggression.
  • The dog trainer: how to design your courses, counsel individuals and motivate owners, instruction and observation techniques as well as building confidence as a public speaker, marketing and running your own small business, customer service and pedagogy for humans.

Thank you Lisbeth and her team for passing on all the information. New year with new knowledge.