About our kennel

Kennel was established 08.08.2016 when Regina passed the breeders basic course and we already had two goldens.


Still learning to be a trainer and a breeder. Regina has passed breeders basic and advanced courses. Member of Estonian Kennel Union, Estonian Golden Retrievers Society and Estonian Retrievers Society.

Attended courses:

Breeders basic course

  • Dog behaviour. Dog feeding. Lecturer Tiia Ariko 10.-11.10.2015
  • Important rules and regulations for breeders and dog owners. Rules of breeding dogs and related documents. Lecturer Kristin Kerem 25.10.2015
  • Dog anatomy, physiology and pathology. Lecturer Janne Orro 31.10.2015
  • Genetics and breeding strategies Lecturer Tiia Ariko 01.11.2015
  • Dog mating and whelping. Lecturer Laura Linntamm 21.11.2015
  • Puppy growth and development, puppy diseases/health issues. Lecturer Janne Orro 22.11.2015

First aid course. Lecturer Maret Kärdi 30.01.2016

  • I part– crisis situations and solution; first aid and urgent help; evaluating need of help; first aid 1-2-3 and the responsibility of the first aid provider; cooperation and notification;
  • II part – situations that need immediate action; security and techniques of giving first aid; avoiding accidents; first aid and ethical problems;
  • III part – giving unavoidable help in case of certain situations (traumas, poisoning, critically changing health situations, neurological disorders etc.); conditions with bad prognosis;
  • IV part – useful tips; evaluating dogs health; home medication.

Retrievers field test theoretical lecture. Lecturer Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar 22.03.2016
Basics of retrievers field test and retrieving dummy/prey.

Basics for successful retrieving. Lecturer Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar 19.04.2016
What makes retriever a good retriever and how to accomplish that? Cooperation, different field parts: handling prey, marking, directing, free search etc.

Breeders advanced course:

  • Bones, joints, muscles - diseases, anomalies, malformations etc. Lecturer Marti Lasn 13.03.2016
  • External and internal parasites. Lecturer Katrin Mägi 03.04.2016
  • Eyes and eye diseases. Lecturer Ülle Kell  10.04.2016
  • Hear and heart diseases. Lecturer Merit Villemson-Kavak 15.05.2016
  • Different training styles – How to choose sports dog. Lecturer Aivo  Oblikas 22.10.2016
  • Different training styles – How to train family dog and guide dog owners. Lecturer Tiia Ariko 20.11.2016
  • Puppy training from birth to handover. Lecturer Haita-Maarit Zahharov 19.11.2016
  • Genetics for breeders - Tiia Ariko, 18.12.2016
  • Infertility - causes and relation to diseases. Lecturer Laura Lintam 23.04.2017

Lecture "How to direct behavioural patterns between dogs?”. Lecturer Kati Ernits 17.10.2016

  • If and how much should dog interact with other dogs?
  • How to know when interaction with other dogs isn't pleasant anymore?
  • How to ensure safety? 

Lecture "Dog Management". Lecturer Gerard O'Shea  21.07.2017

  • How to get along with your dog in every situation and how to create a relationship where both of you are happy.
  • How to raise a sports dog, show dog or family pet ad how to avoid behavioural issues?
  • Why don't dogs listen to their names?
  • How to be more important then other dogs, cats and humans for your dog?

Lisbeth Borg de Waard International Dog Trainer School March 2017 until March 2018

  • Dog behaviour: the dog’s silent language, body language, communication, dog development and ethology, history, puppies, adolescent, mature dogs, social developments, critical periods, hormonal influences, breed characteristics, problem solving, stress, fears, aggression, health and nutrition.
  • Dog learning behaviour: positive training methods, desensitization, motivation, comparisons of dog learning to human learning, classical and operant conditioning, positive reinforcement.
  • Practical training: problem solving, observation, positive training methods teaching basic obedience and more challenging tasks like desensitization for stressed dogs and dog-to-dog aggression.
  • The dog trainer: how to design your courses, counsel individuals and motivate owners, instruction and observation techniques as well as building confidence as a public speaker, marketing and running your own small business, customer service and pedagogy for humans.


Reedik has not participated on the theoretical courses but has helped during different training sessions and tasks. He has helped train dogs on field, photographing and also transport 🙂

Courses/training sessions he has helped with

Puppy school
Retrievers qualifying test